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About Us

The CSoft Group of Companies delivers consulting and complex implementation solutions for CAD, enterprise workflows, paper databases, and GIS. Predominantly, our solutions are based on a unique combination of the worldwide and homemade solutions in this area and take advantage of such world-famous technologies as Autodesk, Oracle, CSoft Development, CEA Technology, Canon, Contex, Oce, etc.

CSoft Group’s core offerings include enterprise current workflow analysis, selection of the best-choice and most effective application solutions, enterprise CAD concept development, delivery, CAD components installation and setting-up, user training, pilot project development, and turnkey ready-to-use CAD solutions.

CSoft Group takes a leading position on the GIS market and is committed to system integration solution development along with delivering complex solutions for urban planning land survey workflow, engineering communications monitoring, ecological monitoring. All solutions use Oracle® Spatial® technologies and enable users to store data in unified Oracle® based spatial and attributive databases.

In 2007, CSoft Ltd. was recognized as the most dynamically developing GIS company across the Russian Federation in this area, while the CSoft’s Mytischy town project implementation received the highest appraisals among all other similar projects in Russia.

We offer complex project development and implementation including discipline specific user applications to be integrated with our Customers’ interrelated data environment.

CSoft’s GIS divisions:

CSoft Ltd.

Molodogvardeyskaya St., 46, building 2
Moscow 121351,
Russian Federation
Phone: +7 (495) 913-2222
Fax: +7 (495) 913-2221
web: www.csoft.ru
e-mail: sales@csoft.ru

CSoft Kaliningrad

Kommunalnaya St., 4
Kaliningrad 236000,
Russian Federation
Phone: +7 (4012) 93-2000
Fax: +7 (4012) 92-8321
web: www.cstrade.ru
e-mail: info@cstrade.ru

CSoft Tyumen

Melnikaite St., 106, offices N 318, 343, 414,
Tyumen 625026,
Russian Federation
Phone: +7 (3452) 40-5705, 40-4815, 75-9351
Fax: +7 (3452) 75-9350
web: tyumen.csoft.ru
e-mail: csoft@tyumen.csoft.ru

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