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CS UrbanView
A GIS web portal client application developed as an add-on to Oracle MapViewer, which allows publishing in Internet/Intranet practically an unlimited amount of spatial data stored in the Oracle« database.
CS MapDrive

Contemporary Insrumental GIS Tool, which provides simultaneous access to Oracle« warehouses, also as unified access to storages of other popular GIS and CAD systems (ArcView«, MapInfo«, AutoCAD«).


An innovative programming solution for monitoring and management of urban planning activity, cadastral land surveying and document workflow management.


A suite of workplaces designed for inputting and storing attributive information on urban communications, including water, sewage, heating, cabling, and phone communications.


A cutting-edge monitoring application for storing, handling and analyzing ecological data on aerial, water and soil resources.


An application specially designed to answer industry specific needs of transportation and road infrastructure management.

CS GIS Engine

Rapid GIS application development environment oriented at employment of Oracle« DBMS as the main spatial and attributive data storage.

Providers for Autodesk« MapGuide« 6.5 Server

A family of data providers enabling Autodesk« MapGuide« 6.5 to access spatial data in Oracle« Spatial, Microsoft« Access, and Microsoft« SQL Server.

11.02.2010  CS MapDrive version
15.06.2009  CS MapDrive version
02.04.2009  CS MapDrive version
04.03.2009  CS GIS Engine version
26.12.2008  CS GIS Engine version
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