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CS GIS Engine

CS GIS Engine programming product is designed for rapid development of GIS-aware applications to expand functionality of the following branch specific products: UrbaniCS – for the needs of urban planning activity; UtilityGuide – for monitoring of engineering communications; EcologiCS – for ecological monitoring.

This programming software is targeted at those users who are already enjoying the benefits of CSoft programming applications and whose standard solutions’ functionality requires further enhancement and expanse. Being in great demand, this product is also tailored for independent software developers and programming businesses who have been working in adjacent GIS areas, such as land rental calculation, or otherwise for those who are going to publish their own solutions as part of CSoft products.

CS GIS Engine helps efficiently solve the problem of high GIS development costs through offering the required functionality for such applications within CS GIS Engine package. Thus, the developer would only need to set these ready-made functions to work. These functions include:

  • Convenient access to Oracle® databases;
  • User profiles support to allow granted data access and create individual user group interface;
  • Map window support with automated event handling;
  • Built-in report publishing support;
  • Pascal Script built-in programming language with intergrated debugging ability at the source code level.

CSoft delivers two CS GIS Engine editions - for developers and for users.

Developer edition allows group development and configuration debugging through employment of the built-in programming language and visual designers that serve for development of input forms and report forms.

Developing a Configuration

Extension modules are delivered within a standard CS GIS Engine package and allow creation of database objects, roles and users, as well as granted object access.

User Management Module

User edition was developed for implementation of the supplied configurations and operates as user basic environment.

Running a Configuration

A standard scenario of the CS GIS Engine configuration development assumes the use of the visual form designer and Pascal Script programming language. This language is to a large extent similar to Object Pascal which was used by Borland Company for its well-known Delphi product. Nowadays, there is a vast community of IT specialists practicing Delphi.

Debugging a Pascal Script program

As an alternative to CS GIS Engine configuration development, we offer two more additional ways to expand user solutions functionality:

  • use of extension modules based on COM technology;
  • use of CS GIS Engine compliant DLLs.

The first method appears to be more preferable, as it can be easily employed by any COM familiar developers. The second method works to integrate existing and inherited solutions, where development of COM servers is either impossible or not reasonable.

Finding objects on Map Window

CS GIS Engine offers a wealth of interoperability tools to incorporate with any standard information environments and presents the best way to successfully integrate GIS projects into the Customer’s existing systems. Implementation of CS GIS Engine ensures quick and effective solutions for mounting data within various GIS projects related to urban planning activity, municipal GIS, and engineering communications monitoring.

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