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CS GIS Engine
Rapid GIS Application Development and Execution Environment, designed for use with Oracle« based unified attributive and spatial storage.
Latest version (csgedevsetup.exe, Russian version, 16 MB) | Download page
CS MapDrive
Contemporary Insrumental GIS Tool, which provides simultaneous access to Oracle« warehouses, also as unified access to storages of other popular GIS and CAD systems (ArcView«, MapInfo«, AutoCAD«).
Latest version (, Russian version, 339 MB) | Download page
Providers for Autodesk« MapGuide« 6.5 Server
A family of spatial data providers, including providers for Oracle« Spatial«, Microsoft« Access and Microsoft« SQL Server warehouses, for world-popular Autodesk« MapGuide« 6.5 Server mapping software.
Latest version (, Russian version, 48 MB) | Download page

11.02.2010  CS MapDrive version
15.06.2009  CS MapDrive version
02.04.2009  CS MapDrive version
04.03.2009  CS GIS Engine version
26.12.2008  CS GIS Engine version
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