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EcologiCS is a cutting-edge programming application designed for collecting, storing, and handling ecological data. EcologiCS performs statistic and spatial data analysis for monitoring of water, aerial, and soil resources.

This software offers a monitoring solution for various urban and regional organizations, including sanitary and epidemiological supervision departments to monitor current ecological state of the art. EcologiCS performs monitoring and allows input of quality indices for specified monitoring points (monitoring field-offices) through the use of branch references and classifiers. EcologiCS provides a capability to perform statistic and spatial data analysis along with mapping of contaminated areas.

As its ground basis, EcologiCS uses the well-proven client-server architecture, where client applications serve as customer work places. Such applications allow access to spatial and attributive data stored on Oracle« server. This method of data handling ensures reliability, scalability, and security of work with data.

A server DBMS provides a unified centralized data storage and allows data access limitation and control. Data (including measurements) derived from various isolated organizations and affiliated offices is transferred to a unified data processing server for its further synchronization.

Data inputting becomes much easier through the use of references and classifiers. References contain all relevant information regarding settlements, administrative territories where monitoring is performed, quality indices, units of measurement, methods of measurement, risk classes, health risks, etc. All the above enumerated data is regarded as a source for data analysis, statistic data processing, and report publishing.

EcologiCS Application

EcologiCS allows quick measurement-based input data analysis and report publishing. Analysis results can be returned in standard data formats, such as Microsoft« Excel. Predefined report templates can be used for report publishing. The user can form a dynamics report by specifying a parameter, a monitoring point, and a time period to be used as criteria for this report.

EcologiCS provides a wide variety of tools to help user to navigate on the map, locate monitoring field-offices and other observation objects (streets, water reservoirs, roads). The user is provided with a capability to obtain detailed information on the selected objects, study the dynamics of a parameter and draw dynamics charts. The user can add or remove monitoring points directly on the map or by inputting coordinate points.

EcologiCS Application

EcologiCS supplies the user with a capability to build thematic contamination maps based on the dynamics data of any monitoring parameter.

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