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Providers for Autodesk« MapGuide« 6.5 Server

A family of Autodesk« MapGuide« 6.5 data providers includes the following components:

  • Data Provider for Oracle« Spatial
  • Data Provider for Microsoft« SQL Server
  • Data Provider for Microsoft« Access

Each component is in itself an OLE DB data provider and complies with Autodesk« MapGuide« 6.5 requirements for data providers stipulated in Open GIS Consortium (OGC) white papers.

Data Provider for Oracle« Spatialĺs functionability is similar to functional capacities of Oracle« data provider from Autodesk« MapGuide« suite, with the only exception that it has been enhanced and expanded with new capabilities:

  • Oriented point processing in Intergraph« and Oracle« 10g Release 2 formats.
  • Access to Intergraph« text points and their further display on the Autodesk« MapGuide« map with the specified text point orientation.
  • Oracle« Spatial 2D and 3D index support.

Data providers for Microsoft« SQL Server and Microsoft« Access enlarge Autodesk« MapGuide« 6.5 capabilities through access to data stored in the Intergraph« format.

Common Parameters

All data providers mentioned above have a uniform interface allowing the customer to quickly set the required operational mode and start a detailed multilevel diagnostics that largely simplifies administration workflows.

Advanced Parameters

CSoft data providers help enhance Autodesk« MapGuide« 6.5 capacities enabling access to spatial data pre-processed in various GIS systems.

The above-said data providers allow creation of a unified informational network for real-time GIS operability through the simultaneous employment of both instrumental GIS and Autodesk« MapGuide« 6.5 viewing tools to access data storages.

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