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CSoft offers an innovative programming solution for monitoring and management of urban planning activity, a solution that also makes cadastral land surveying, including the paperwork involved an easy, fast and cost-effective process.

UrbaniCS provides a reliable, highly productive and efficient technological ground for sophisticated cadastral data systems, cadastral databases operation, digital maps along with economic, infrastructural, social, and ecological statistical and analytical surveys for any land category. UrbaniCS can serve a solid and profound back-up for mission-critical decision-making in the filed of urban planning and land management. UrbaniCS solution fully complies with all present-day federal and regional law requirements with regards to urban planning activity and IT systems implementation and is committed to improving the existing state cadastral data systems through inheriting and integrating prior knowledge and experience in this area.

UrbaniCS is a suite of workplaces designed to automate processes related with document (application/claim) acceptance and processing, spatial and attributive data input, capital construction registry and documentation, on-demand issue and distribution of urban planning papers and information.

The UrbaniCS suite includes:

  • ActiveX based user application (proprietary CSoft data publishing system component or Autodesk« MapGuide« Viewer component);
  • Spatial and attributive data storage.

Fields of deployment

UrbaniCS is designed for managing organizations and administrative bodies who take responsibility for implementation and use of town and regional urban planning and cadastral IT systems. This application can be utilized by large and middle-sized enterprises for creation of complex corporative cadastral systems.

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