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RoadGuide application is specially designed to answer industry specific needs of road infrastructure managing companies to operate, communicate and distribute GIS related data within a uniformly arranged geospatial framework. RoadGuide ensures the following benefits of the application use:

  • shared access to road assets information granted to organizations and businesses involved in road infrastructure management;
  • automated scheduling functions for road diagnostics, repair and cleaning works;
  • road repair works monitoring;
  • cost-benefit analysis of road repair works undertaken;
  • document and report publishing.

Along with the above-mentioned advantages, RoadGuide will bring about the following positive changes in the routine workflow of the enterprises involved:

  • Efficient cost-effective road assets management realized through user-operated data actualization system, where data access is strictly granted.
  • High data verification level realized through data access limitation rules and an error-free data input and update system.
  • Improved higher industry productivity as a result of low-cost time-saving data operation and automated technological processes.
  • Lower operating costs resulting from top-management quality decision-making.

This package includes:

  • ActiveX based user application (proprietary CSoft data publishing system component or Autodesk« MapGuide« Viewer component);
  • Spatial and attributive data storage.

11.02.2010  CS MapDrive version
15.06.2009  CS MapDrive version
02.04.2009  CS MapDrive version
04.03.2009  CS GIS Engine version
26.12.2008  CS GIS Engine version
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