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UtilityGuide provides a suite of workplaces designed for inputting and storing attributive information on urban communications. The solution takes advantage of standard utility- and communications-specific references and provides a possibility to enter engineering attributive information in a multi-user mode. UtilityGuide is tailored to meet specific needs of such communications and utility branches as water, sewage, heating, cabling, and phones at the stage of GIS deployment and exploitation for town or heavy enterprise purposes.

The UtilityGuide suite includes:

  • ActiveX based user applications (proprietary CSoft data publishing system component or Autodesk® MapGuide® Viewer component);
  • Spatial and attributive data storage.

Fields of deployment

UtilityGuide enables to use communications vector layers prepared within GIS (CS MapDrive, Autodesk® Map, Intergraph® GeoMedia, ESRI ArcView) for error-free data input in attributive data tables. Reference structure for each specific branch industry is supported that excludes any inputting errors. Selection of an object automatically invokes selection of all other spatial objects interrelated with it, which becomes possible through the use of hierarchical communications-specific data structures. Interrelation between spatial and attributive information can be realized at any branch hierarchy level.


Data visualization in UtilityGuide is realized through employment of either proprietary CSoft mapping system or Autodesk® MapGuide® ActiveX. Large amounts of spatial and attributive data are predominantly stored in Oracle® DBMS, however for smaller project developments Microsoft® SQL Server or even Microsoft® Access may suffice as a basis for unified data storage. The size of the solution defines whether a relational or an object data storage models may be employed. Up to date, the UtilityGuide suite is comprised of four solutions:

  • EnerGuide – a cabling networks monitoring solution;
  • HeatGuide – a heating systems and supply monitoring solution;
  • GasGuide – a gas systems and supply monitoring solution;
  • WaterGuide – a water and sewage systems monitoring solution.
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